Cheap Moving Trucks For Rent, KSL Investigates: A moving company nightmare

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Cheap Moving Trucks For Rent, KSL Investigates: A moving company nightmare-ST GEORGE: Imagine all the stuff in a moving truck and looking for hundreds or thousands of extra euros for delivery. It is a moving nightmare that takes place throughout the country, including Utah. Disadvantaged companies keep goods as hostages and go beyond mandatory estimates.

When KSL scientists met Sharon Harvey, he lived almost empty in the house.

“I used these two seeds for a few weeks,” Harvey said and showed his clothes in his closet.

Cheap Moving Trucks For Rent

Harvie has been taking notes for the walls of his new house for six weeks this summer to find out where his case should be. Where are your matters? In a first interview in August, the mobile company had one more.

“It looks like it was one at a time,” Harvey said.

Harvie moved to St. George in Brunswick, Maine, in July. He was planning to move, but at the last moment he decided to hire experts. He links to his web and find out what he thought of a move called American Moving Partners. In reality, it is a broker who writes estimates and uses other mobile companies to do physical work. Harvey did not know, but US mobile partners said they could transfer their property to $ 5,611.19. Harvey looked good.

“I do not think I should shoot Prius and drive a truck with three dogs and my best friends all over the country,” Harvey said.

He will update the case a week later at American Moving Partners. They raised the price of $ 6,912.20 for a larger truck. Harvey agrees. The cost of the transfer per day exploded.

“The new cost would be $ 11,238.20,” Harvie said.

Harvie said the moving company, J & M Relocation LLC, raised the $ 4,326 price after loading. Immediately before he sold the Maine house, which was closed the next day, he did what he could.

“I refused to sign a formal commitment and signed it, it was my opinion,” said Harvey. His story took the red flags of the Utah Consumer Protection Institute.

Dean Daniel O’Bannon said, “This is a kind of complaint that concerns us.”

O’Bannon said his investigators could consider the case of Harvey as a potential violation of Utah’s contract law.

“Every time someone has been charged more than agreed, this is a big red flag that we need to happen, which can be a violation of the law,” O’Bannon said.

KSL researchers have discovered that Harvie is not alone. In July, the federal jury sued twelve people and fourteen affiliated subsidiaries for similar problems in Ohio. South American prosecutor Ben Glassman said companies have banned at least 900 victims, but they have not recognized them.

“Drivers arrive, taxing all family products in the removal packages and then raising the price,” Glassman said.

Glassman explained that this was in violation of federal law. Engines can not change a solid rating after you start loading. The federal budget last year’s estimates show that the Federal Tourism Manager receives annually 3000 complaints of travel problems and 600 hacking responses. The data also show that the agency has only 13 employees who are studying these requirements.

A spokesman for the chief traffic control department at the US Department of Transportation said: “DOT GOT will continue the blatant and harmful acts of the airline industry.”

The spokesman said the staff focused on businesses with a large number of victims who do not have the right licenses or who work under several different names and have multiple places.

O’Bannon said, “Do not hesitate to say enough, there is something wrong.”

KSL researchers found that the two companies used by Harvey had different complaints about estimates and deliveries from the mobile enterprise database.

Harvie did not know the database.

“If you are

Harvie said that J & M Relocation had a different response to their business whenever they mentioned it.

“Tell me the calculation today and it’s on Thursday or Friday, no, we’ll be on Thursday.” We did not get a truck on Thursday and Monday on Monday without landing and we’re going, “Harvie said.

He said he had called so often that he had to pay a fee.

Eventually, producers came to Labor Day and Harvey’s heart sank. Many furniture damages water, mold and stains.

“Everything is in the water,” Harvey said, looking at the engines.

The trash can contains photos of water and his deceased husband’s letter.

Through her tears, Harvey says, “These people have no respect, nothing.”

He visited the KSL scientists after he settled down.

Harvey said, “All the shelves of my property have been destroyed in the water.”

He referred to his room in a cozy room: “The entire floor and the inside of the box were damp.”

None of the companies accepted the interview with KSL researchers.

The broker, American Moving Partners, sent this statement to KSL:

The American mobile partners have a driving license issued by the Ministry of Transport and the Federal Administration for the Safety of Motor Vehicle Drivers. As a property broker, it is our duty to connect customers with transport agents who are safe and reliable to carry their products. Brokers, US Businesses and Start Partners are not supported by carefully selected companies that are certified for the safe transport of our customers’ mobile networks.
We understand the great responsibility that we assume in the organization of cargo transportation. So, if the change is unsuccessful, we will take all the necessary steps to resolve the customer’s problem and avoid the problems of future work.

For Harvey’s decision, we have done everything we can to solve the problems. This included a full refund of the deposit you paid and will continue to assist you in your courier claims. We stopped all this activity, except our relationship with Mrs. Harvey’s injured objects. We will continue to help this customer until he is satisfied with the result and will benefit from this experience as a lesson to prevent such events.

Harvey said that J & M Movement agreed to cut a total of $ 1,400, but wanted the remaining $ 2,454.80 increase. The mobile company did not reply to KSL’s phone and email. Kujanovic asked Harvey: “If you move again, do you hire U-wake?

Harvey joked, “Make the world’s largest flea market and start over again.”

What can you do to protect yourself?

Do your job Visit the Office of Business Conduct (American Moving Partners LLC and J & M Relocation LLC are F)
Consider using a mobile phone company that has used friends or who viewed the ProMover list of American transfer and storage associations. The business group oversees the factors who want to be there.
Name more precisely, let them come to your home. If this is not possible, see if you can take a Virtual Tour with your camcorder to your mobile phone.
Avoid cost estimates that are unlikely to appear on the web …