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Cheapest One Way Moving Truck Rental – Because there are multiple options readily available, the easiest method to figure out the least expensive one-way vehicle rental company is to look at an example. See what does it cost? it sets you back to relocate a one-bedroom apartment or condo from San Diego, CA to Houston, TX (about 1,470 miles) with Penske ®, U-Haul ® as well as Budget plan ® truck leasing, and after that see how those rates compare with U-Pack ®. We have actually compared each firm’s tiniest vehicle (the 10-foot from U-Haul, and the 12-foot from Spending Plan and also Penske) to U-Pack equipment so you can feel confident you’re making the most effective choice.

One-way relocating truck rental contrast.
Keep in mind: costs could alter daily and depend upon numerous aspects consisting of origin, location, tools size as well as relocation date. We used the rental truck gas calculator to identify existing gas rates as well as the San Diego neighborhood tax rate of 7.75%.

The U-Haul quote gives you the 10-foot vehicle for 6 days and allows you to drive 1,736 miles. The rental expenses $1,597, as well as you’ll need to include $105 for Safemove ® coverage, $5 for the environmental charge, $497 for gas as well as $132.06 for taxes.

Completely, that pertains to $2,336.06.

Spending plan.
Budget supplies a 12-foot truck for one-way rental including 6 days as well as limitless mileage. The truck rental price is $1,366.20, fuel will certainly cost $497, as well as taxes will be $105.88.

That’s an overall of $1,969.08 for a one-way vehicle from Spending plan.

The Penske one-way truck rental consists of a 12-foot truck for six days with endless mileage. The rental rate is $1,350, plus $125 for the Restricted Damages Waiver, a $9 environmental fee, and $497 for fuel. Taxes for the rental concerned $115.01.

The complete rate for the action would certainly be $2,096.01.

So, for this instance, Spending plan is the most inexpensive leasing alternative. But just how does that as compare to U-Pack?

U-Pack: the more affordable alternative to one-way moving vehicles.
U-Pack is a “you pack, we drive” service with adaptable as well as hassle-free relocating choices. We offer rapid and also reputable transport– your items get to your new home in simply a couple of days.

While our equipment varies from vehicle service, our costs can be really equivalent. For the very same example step from San Diego to Houston, a U-Pack step costs $1,504 for 7 linear feet (which is similar in size to a 12-foot rental truck– learn more concerning straight feet). That’s more than $450 less expensive than the least expensive one-way truck service!

U-Pack rates consist of the devices, transport, tax obligations and responsibility coverage, so there are no bonus to add (unless you include solutions like storage). Wondering just how much your step would set you back? Obtain a moving quote online or call 800-413-4799 to talk to a relocating consultant who could answer any type of questions.

Cheapest One Way Moving Truck Rental

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