Mini Semi Truck Go Kart, Greatest Go Kart Ever? This Mini-Freightliner Has A Box Trailer

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Mini Semi Truck Go Kart – After regarding an hour of unsuccessful debate with my wife, I have determined that somebody else will need to buy the coolest thing on eBay today. This mini-Freightliner is powered by a 5hp engine, has a trailer and is big enough to seat an adult comfortably. The box trailer could haul 20 situations of beer and still have room for beef jerky, and also if you were to buy this as well as give it to your child you ‘d right away be become part of some sort of gearhead parenting hall of popularity. The asking cost on the truck is $3,100.

There’s video clip of it running as well as driving below together with still images that reveal information which you could not see in the video. Yes, it is a glorified go-kart but c’ amon people, you need to admit that it is among the neater points you have seen in a while. The pictures as well as video you’ll see inside the taxi seem to suggest some nice fiberglass job and also a framework that looks pretty well done, as well.

We’re uncertain if this is a one off or if there’s a place you can acquire ’em but wow. I ‘d ditch the NASCAR influenced graphics and things on it for other scheme. If I hit the lottery game tomorrow it would certainly adopt a complete makeover into a miniature version of the Snoman’s gear from Smokey as well as the Bandit. Yes, I know that the gear from the movie was a Kenworth but brighten up Francis, it would still be a head turner and my next-door neighbors would certainly like to see me drive it up and down the street at like 9mph.

Very little more to claim apart from that you truly need to see the video listed below then scroll to see the pictures and visit the eBay web link. The advertisement is pretty basic yet there are lots much more pictures there. Right here’s the message of the ad on the occasion that it goes away:

Mini Semi Truck Go Kart

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